Ciao e Grazie!

Well, it's finally happened. After nearly two years of recapping the bloody thrills of the giallo genre, I've finally run out of movies.

98 posts – I would have loved to write just two more to make it an even hundred or, even better, six more to end the project on Halloween Eve, exactly two years from when we started the journey, but the movies have been harder and harder to find and my sources have run dry.  Not that there aren't a lot more out there - I count over 40 titles that I'd love to review, but can't find in their entirety either dubbed or subtitled in English (my Italian is okay, but it would take four hours of pausing and rewinding to fully comprehend a 90-minute movie).

If I do come across one of the missing titles, I'll be sure to add a new entry, but this marks the end of the regular Thursday posts. Here's a chronological wishlist of obscure gialli:

The Hyena of London (1964)
A for Assassin (1966)
The Killer Without a Face (1967)
Double Face (a.k.a. Liz & Helen) (1969)
Your Sweet Body to Murder (1970)
Marta (1971)
The Glass Ceiling (1971)
Tropic of Cancer (1972)
The Two Faces of Fear (1972)
The Weapon, the Hour, the Motive (1973)
Love and Death on the Edge of a Razor (1973)
No One Heard the Scream ( 1973)
Clap... You're Dead (1974)
Five Women for the Killer (1974)
All the Screams of Silence (1974)
The Fish with the Gold Eyes (1974)
The Killer Reserved Nine Seats (1974)
The Hot Lips of the Killer (a.k.a. The Killer Wore Gloves) (1974)
The Killer with a Thousand Eyes (1974)
The Killer is One of Thirteen (1974)
Vice Wears Black Hose (a.k.a. Reflections in Black) (1975)
Evil Eye (1975)
Plot of Fear (1976)
Crazy Desires of a Murderer (1977)
The Monster (1977)
The Perfect Crime (1978)
Carnal Crime (1982)
Murder Near Perfect (1983)
Formula for a Murder (1985)
The House of Good Returns (1986)
The Killer has Returned (1986)
The Monster of Florence (1986)
Obsession: A Taste for Fear (1988)
Murder in Blue Light (1991)
Crime of Passion (1994)
The House where Corinne Lived (1996)
Fatal Frames (1996)
Eyes of Crystal (2004)

I haven't seen any of these yet, so it's possible that some of them aren't gialli at all, but rather Krimi or other crime dramas. If you know where I can find any of them, please let me know!

One of the great things about having a blog on Blogger is that they provide the writer with a variety of statistics, so he or she can follow trends. For example, here's a run-down of the top SEO keyword phrases entered into search engines that led people to this blog (as of this posting):

It makes sense that the name of the blog would come up first, but I'm surprised to see that as many of six people looking up Luc Merenda and ending up here. Or, even stranger, maybe one person searched his name six times. If it was Luc Merenda searching his own name, let me please say hello. Big fan.

Next, let's take a snapshot of you, the audience:

The blog is written in English so it's hardly surprising that the US, UK, Canada and Australia are in the top ten countries that visited the site. But I'm thrilled to see so much interest in giallo movies coming from elsewhere including Turkey, Iraq, Madagascar and Ecuador, who fell below the top ten. I'm a little sad that Italy didn't rank higher.

Finally, by way of a hit count, here's a list of the most popular posts:

Absolutely fascinating. For a while You'll Die at Midnight was the most-viewed post (likely boosted by my incisive breakdown of Lamberto Bava's color motif) but in recent months, So Sweet... So Perverse pulled a commanding lead. Going in, I thought for sure that one of the classics like Deep Red, Blood and Black Lace, or The Black Belly of the Tarantula would be the most popular but a relatively obscure and bloodless Carroll Baker thriller is the most-read-about movie on this site.

Again, the blog isn't over - just the regular Thursday schedule.  If you have access to one of the movies on my wishlist, dubbed or subtitled in English, please let me know in the comments. Until then, thanks for reading!



  1. Check out and They both have a lot of the movies on your wishlist. :)

  2. Or find an invite to cinemageddon, which is where all these titles are fandubbed/fansubbed and those two sites just download them

  3. The Killer Wore Gloves (1974) is currently on Youtube. Not the greatest picture quality, but watchable.

    1. Awesome find, Mark! I've scheduled that post for December. Thanks!

    2. Your list of unseen gialli is very similar to mine! They keep getting harder and harder to find, at least online.

      I think Murder Near Perfect is also on Youtube under the inexplicable title Dagger Eyes. Quite honestly, I haven't had time to watch it yet, but I'm pretty sure it's the same one. An IMDB search for Murder Near Perfect (1983) brings up a movie called Mystere, which lists Dagger Eyes and Murder Near Perfect as alternate titles, and the release year is right. Sometimes it's hard to tell because these movies all seem to have half a dozen different titles. :)

    3. I checked it out and, sure enough, 1983's Murder Near Perfect is on YouTube under the name "Dagger Eyes." I think it's going to take deep detective work like that to find these movies on YouTube from here on out. Thanks again for your help!

  4. Ran across a couple more that were recently uploaded to YouTube:

    Death Knocks Twice:

    The Killer With A Thousand Eyes:

    Again, neither is the greatest picture quality but they may be the best that exist. I suspect a lot of the more obscure gialli were never cleaned up and reissued.

  5. Sinister Cinema has good copies of HEYENYA OF LONDON and MARTA.

    Mark Martucci

  6. The Weapon, the Hour, the Motive (1973) with English subs:

  7. Hi,

    Tropic of Cancer and The Killer reserved nine seats were released by Camera Obscura
    Formula for a Murder was released by Shameless
    Plot of Fear was released by Raro
    Eyes of Crystal had several releases

  8. The Killer Is One Of Thirteen is currently on YouTube with English subs:

    1. We're on the same page - check back on Christmas Eve for a new post. I also have some other new posts planned for later this winter.

  9. I found some of the movies on your list. These are all supposed to be English friendly. Hope it helps.

    Hyena of London is on

    Your Sweet Body to Murder is on as Il tuo dolce corpo da uccidere / Your sweet body for killing

    The Glass Ceiling is on

    The Two Faces of Fear is also on

    Love and Death on the Edge of a Razor is on

    Formula for a Murder is on

    The Killer Has Returned is on as L’assassino è ancora tra noi

    The Monster of Florence is on

    Eyes of Crystal is on as well.